Gaia Yoga in Chester

yoga in chester My name is Philippa Wade and I am a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. Gaia Yoga is the name of my yoga business.

I teach Hatha Yoga In Chester and the surrounding areas.

I have been practising yoga for 20+ years and teaching professionally since 2011.

I’m motivated to inspire people to practice yoga regardless of age, ability and physical condition, promote the benefits of yoga, and make it accessible to everyone.

My Training

My yoga qualification involved a 500 hour course which I successfully completed over a 3 year period.

BWYDipCerweb yoga chesterIt covered posture work, anatomy and physiology, pranayama, kriyas, breathing and relaxation, meditation, history and philosophy of yoga, and of course, class management and teaching practice.

This has provided me with the skills and attributes to ensure you gain the maximum benefits from your yoga classes, guaranteed.


The British Wheel of Yoga

Incidentally the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) is the largest yoga membership organisation in the country, employing over 4,000 qualified teachers who are committed to promoting a greater understanding of yoga and its safe practice through experience, education, discussion, study and training.

My Teaching Style

Trigonos May 2015 025My teaching encompasses a mix of hatha and iyengar practice and will enable you, as a student, to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

I place an emphasis on physical alignment during posture work to ensure you work safely, and this provides a firm foundation from which to stretch and lengthen.

Trigonos May 2015 018During your yoga practice, whether private or in a class, I always explain what we are doing and why. I emphasise the benefits that yoga will brings to both your body and mind so that you can fully understand and experience everything yoga has to offer .

My classes place an emphasis on developing awareness of your breathing and how to use your breath to deepen practice.

Trigonos May 2015 088I adapt my classes to provide options so that if you are a beginner you will feel the benefits quickly and if you are more experienced, you will be stretched and challenged.


My Background

Trigonos May 2015 078I practised yoga during my corporate career in legal services for 12 years and for a further 15 years whilst in project management in the banking industry.

Yoga provided a means of coping with a busy,  stressful job that involved UK wide travel and long hours. Now, like my corporate clients, you can also achieve this from yoga.

Trigonos May 2015 084

I love teaching yoga and devote much time to improving my understanding of this fascinating practice. I truly believe that by teaching yoga to you, it will change your life, for the better.

Philippa Wade 07584 597621